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Special Men’s Compression Tights

There is something very sexual about wearing men’s compression tights that you just can't get from any other type of clothing available. Of course there are a lot of guys that do not even know what these things are so they would not know if there was anything sexual about wearing them. A quick look online will show you that they can be used for numerous things, but mostly used during workouts. They help control the blood flow and muscle contractions while working out but that is not the only reason to wear something like this. There are a lot of guys that love wearing men’s compression tights simply because they feel good. They do not even work out all that much and still they enjoy wearing these kinds of tights on a regular basis. You just have to decide whether or not the working out aspect of these tights is something you want to get involved in or if you just want to have some fun wearing something a bit different.

I Want to Wear My Men's Tights Everywhere

Whenever I get the chance to wear my men’s tights, I definitely take it. There is something so comforting about wearing something like this even if I can't wear them out in public. I even thought about joining a gym just so that I could wear my tights around other people but I am way too lazy for something like that. I would not even want to get up and go to the gym let alone work out or anything. I am sure that people would think there was something wrong with me if all I was doing was walking around in my tights and not going to any of the workout stations.

So, I sit at home in my men’s tights and hold my quiet little secret where no one can see me. On occasions, I have gone to the mail box in them or even walked down to the corner store. I get a few looks but people in my neighborhood pretty much stay to themselves and do not talk to people they do not know so I do not really get any attention. I thought about taking them to the beach, but that seems a bit counter-productive since I always go to the beach to lay out in the sun and get a tan. That is rather difficult to do when you are wearing tights and it would feel awkward to me.

I guess I will never be able to wear my men’s tights out in public the way I want to, but that is okay for now. I do not mind having them all to myself and not sharing them with the world at large. In fact, having a secret like this kind of makes me feel special in a way. Like how some guys keep this fantasy in their heads about being a spy or space explorer from when they were a child. Although mine is more about being the rock star out on the beach with all the women hanging on my arms.

My friends pink tights got me into wearing them!

My journey to men's compression tights


Let me start by saying I work out a minimum of five days a week and have been doing that for years. I am of average height and I weigh in at a fairly muscular 160lbs. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of three years. She wanted to get married but the truth was I did not think she was the right one for me so now I am back to hanging out with my friends and making new ones. Jenifer is one of my new friends though she has been a gym rat like me for years and she just recently started working out at my gym. She is one cool cat, very good looking, as tall as me and a rocking shapely body all that and she is extremely nice, needless to say I was attracted to her. Talking to her the other day while working on the Smith machine together we talked about going to grab dinner the next day. Not really a date but more just two new friends grabbing a bite nothing fancy. We met at the Cheesecake Factory and had great conversation and fairly healthy meals but it was the Cheesecake afterwards that screwed us both up. I said I try not to do that too often since it cancels out an entire workout day with all those extra calories. After dinner Jenifer asked if I wanted to hangout, maybe catch a movie. I had no plans so why not. We got back to her apartment and were just hanging out looking for a movie on cable when Jenifer said” I need to burn off that Cheesecake do you want to go for a run?” I had on my tennis shoes along with jeans and a t-shirt. It sounds great but I don’t have any of my workout gear in the car I said. Oh maybe I can find something for you to wear, let me take a look. I thought that was funny but maybe she had a boyfriend’s old clothing stashed in a box. That was definitely not what she had in mind. I found something that will fit you she said and handed me a tiny pair of pink Nike workout tights. I can’t wear those I said. Come on don’t be a kill joy she said, just put them on and we can go for a run, then we can watch the movie, I really want to burn those calories she said. I’m going to change just put them on and let’s do it she demanded with a smile. I just could not say no so off to the bathroom I went to change. I only wear shorts working out though I have seen more guys lately wearing tights. They look great on some guys but I never really gave it much thought I was happy with my baggy Nike shorts. I slipped off my shoes, shirt and pants and slipped them on. They were tight, super tight and much thinner than the material the guys wear. These were those sexy tights the girls workout in and you can’t take your eyes off of them. They fit me fine but my underwear was all bunched up in them, it looked terrible. That will not do I thought and pulled the tights off, slid me underwear off and slipped the tights back on. They fit like they were sprayed onto me and went right up my ass showing it like I was nude, god the girls have a lot of guts wearing these in public. The front was a different story. Made a female form these tights did not have any place for my penis to go and my balls looked like a camel toe. My shaft was sticking straight up and you could see it clearly. Wow am I going to run outside wearing these I was thinking when Jenifer knocked on the door and said let’s get going. I quickly slipped my T-shirt on which hid my shaft but you could still see a little camel toe and most of my ass. Laced up my shows and walked out of the bathroom trying to look like a regular guy. Jenifer was standing there in matching pink tights and without question no panties underneath. Were twins she said and smacked me on the butt! Those look so cute on you she said.


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