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All of our compression tights are available in two way and four way stretch fabrics. They are designed to fit snug to the body and to give you that painted on look. Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Pinnacle Sport Tights offer an entirely new concept in men’s compression tights.

Pinnacle Sport Men's Compression Tights

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There are many reasons why compression tights are the fastest growing segment in workout gear for men including keeping your muscles warm and safe along with making your body look amazing. Men’s compression tights offer great support for legs, rear and pouch areas. The streamline skin tight fits give the wearer an aerodynamic advantage for running, bicycling and many other sports.


Pinnacle Sport Tights are not just for working out. They are at home being used as fashion leggings for a night on the town or just a day of running around. Incredible fit and top of the line made in the USA construction is what we are about. Fabrics that are perfectly suited for men’s tights including four way stretch spandex Lycra, two way stretch spandex and Supplex fabrics are used. Pinnacle Men’s Sport Tights are available in wet look spandex standard four-way and two-way stretch spandex and matt finished Supplex.  Our tights are designed to enhance your performance for any sport offering you the right amount of compression while at the same time letting you make an intense fashion statement. Our tights are not for the shy man they are for men who are proud of their bodies.

Pinnacle Men's Sport Tights are available in pouch style designs and flat shape male to female transformation style pouches.


We have a number of different pouch styles including different size bulge pouches and male to female transformation style pouches.

The men's compression tights of your dreams.

Men's Compression Tights



Fashion Workout Tights

All of our compression tights are full length and full coverage. Tights can be hemmed of cuffed for length as needed.

Our men’s compression tights are designed to be used for sports or for wearing out on the town. They are available in regular and wet look spandex along with matt finished Supplex fabrics.


Pinnacle Men's Sport Tights. We rock the world of tights for men!

Pinnacle Sport Tights for men


Made in the USA

Ordering Pinnacle Sport Men's Tights

Men's Compression Tights designed to make you look great!

Ordering Pinnacle Sport Tights for men is easy. We accept all credit cards and Paypal. We ship orders worldwide via US Mail, Fedex Mail, Fedex ground Fedex Air services.

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Pouch styles


Wet Look Tights

There are many exciting men’s compression tights on the market and most of the major brands can be found either online of at sporting goods stores. At Koala we offer something no one else includes with their tights and that is sexiness.  Our tights are wonderful for sports but can also be used as male leggings for going out. Our company Koala Men’s Swimwear has been making some of the hottest most extreme spandex swimwear and work out shorts for twenty five years. We offer amazing Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, short shorts and so much more and our designs are unlike anything else you have ever seen, again extreme being the key word. We have brought the same intense focus to our new line of men’s compression tights. We offer skin tight, form fitting, interesting and exciting pouch designs along with the newest male transformation styles. If you want standard everyday tights you can go anywhere but if you want something that is hot and sexy at Koala we have you covered.

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